Buddhist Amulet - Buddha Statue Talismas - Brass Cast - Pendant Necklace

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-- FREE, FAST & TRACKED delivery for all Australian orders & International orders over AUD $200 --

-- 100% Compostable securely padded Parcel --

-- If you like to see more pictures of this piece or would like some more information please feel free to contact me and I will try and get back to you swiftly --

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-- 100% natural stones sourced as ethically as possible, certified 925 sterling silver --



Uttarabodhi mudra is the gesture of perfection. It is called the best-perfection among the types of mudras. In this mudra, all fingers are intertwined. This mudra can essentially be called the mudra of enlightenment. As the sun of enlightenment dawns, fears are dispelled.

The process involves the extension of index fingers straight up and together. Both hands are held at the level of the chest, the two raised index fingers touch one another; the remaining fingers are crossed and folded down. The thumbs touch each other at the tips or are also crossed and folded. In order to practise Uttarabodhi mudra, both hands should be placed in front of the solar plexus. The index fingers and thumbs of both hands should be laid on each other. The index fingers should point upwards and the thumb downward. It can be held for any length of time. Uttarabodhi mudra can be practised for 15 minutes 1-3 times a day.

Uttarabodhi mudra evokes a sense of unshaken unity within oneself in aligning with the one source.
This mudra refreshes the system and charges it with energy.
It helps to soothe excited nerves before beginning a daunting task.
It enables the performer to overcome stage fright.
It can be practised for fearlessness.
This mudra is helpful for people who lack self-confidence and suffer from fear of interacting with many people at a time.
This mudra can also be practised by students who feel jittery before exams or people who get nervous before job interviews.
Practising this mudra is said to give an inspiration flash for problem-solving.
It calms the mind and is useful for stirring insight, inspiration and decision-making.
It purifies the body and mind and shields them from negative forces.
It helps to get rid of stress and improves concentration


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I strive to minimise my environmental footprint as much as I can from how I get my stones and where from to how they are sent to you. I believe in supporting local and independent sources and individuals.

Every stone and it's setting are hand-selected & crafted by myself with lots of love, excitement and great intentions.

Materials: Stone.


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Buddhist Amulet - Buddha Statue Talismas - Brass Cast - Pendant Necklace
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